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What’s stopping the Northern Powerhouse from shaping its own future?

It’s often said that England is a country of two halves – especially when it comes to infrastructure. London and the...


Innovation relies on trust to be successful

In a world full of fake news and global leaders playing games with our lives, trust seems a scare commodity. Yet this is a time...

rural station

Single purpose stations are a missed opportunity – especially for the local community

Travelling around the UK, I’m amazed at how our suburban and rural railway stations seem to be places for lost souls....


​Do you understand what your suppliers actually do?

Every organisation I meet knows that to survive, let alone prosper in this fast-moving world, they need to change the way...


Taking a collaborative approach to procurement leads to better outcomes

The traditional view of the Procurement function is that it’s sole objective is to drive down costs and pass risk on...

diesel train

Cars are going electric yet rail keeps chugging away with diesel

I passionately believe we can still be a leading world player in the future of railways, but we need to get...