Knowledge & Certainty

TenBroekeCo is an independent international advisory company, focused on the delivery of major infrastructure projects. We use collaborative working practices to ensure everyone is focused on delivering an infrastructure asset that meets the needs of our clients, and their end users.

We ensure our clients understand the true risks at any point in time during an infrastructure project. We provide the right advice to enable you to make the best decision for your organisation to achieve effective and profitable results.

What our clients say

Our Values

  • Open

    We provide full transparency, as part of our collaborative working promise.

  • Reliable

    Our focus is on helping you to achieve your goals and support you to ensure that when we commit to something, we make sure it happens.

  • Expert

    We have built significant global, cross-industry knowledge about all aspects of infrastructure projects. Through our network of specialist associates, we will provide the best knowledge available.

  • Accountable

    We deliver excellent customer service on every engagement.
    We always provide the best advice we can and will strongly defend our recommendations, within a spirit of working in partnership with you.

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