TenBroekeCo Infrastructure Delivery Model

We bring together multi-disciplinary knowledge and collaborative working practices into a structured methodology that runs from initial discussions to long term management of the infrastructure asset. Through this proven approach, we have successfully delivered on major projects including Canary Wharf, Crossrail Station in the UK and are currently working in Turkey, Nigeria, Bangladesh and India.

01 Finance

Our independence and knowledge enables us to approach the financial community with flexibility and openness to secure the optimum, market-tested package to suit your project.

At the outset of working with you we will establish the required project outputs before conducting research and validating the business case. We then resolve cost and value parameters to define the development of the infrastructure scope.

Arranging and raising finance in the current climate is extremely challenging. By following our model, we put together a viable and robust business case to attract best value financing.

02 Definition & Scoping

We will work closely with you to clearly define your project objectives, balance these with infrastructure capability and ensure they integrate with the rest of your business. We then develop high-level plans covering resources, finance, timelines, regulations.

This critical stage can make or break the project. During this process, risks are identified and mitigating actions taken to ensure there are no surprises later. The financial implications are examined, to ensure compliance with the financing criteria set by the business case.

03 Procurement

TenbroekeCo’s thorough knowledge of the market and expertise in supply chain management leads to a procurement strategy that enhances the delivery requirements of your project.

Having established the appropriate tendering routes, we apply rigorous submission reviews and negotiations. We help you to proceed with the most advantageous deal, based around the financing parameters defined by the business case and detailed scope of the project.

04 Delivery

We ensure our clients understand the true risks at any point in time during an infrastructure project. We provide the right advice to enable you to make the best decision for your organisation to achieve effective and profitable results.

Roles and responsibilities are tailored to you and your project’s needs. We may provide practical project management on the ground, or act for you as an ‘Owner’s Representative/Client’s Agent’, working alongside your team to represent you.

Whatever tasks we undertake, our team’s experience and expertise are maximised to ensure the financial parameters are met, the project is delivered to schedule and to the required quality and that risks are mitigated.

05 Asset Management

Our approach is focused on the ‘long term care’ of your asset from the start, all the way through to project completion, and beyond. We will assist you to achieve your goals, supporting you as appropriate and ensuring that when we commit to something, we make sure it happens.

We take a holistic view and use collaborative working practices to help ensure everyone is focused on delivering an infrastructure asset that meets the needs of the owners and the end-users – short and long term. We can then assist you to manage and maintain the asset to ensure it continues to deliver the planned on-going business capability and revenue streams.

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