By: Mark Evans

Aritficial Intelligence / Automation can be an amazing opportunity, if we collaborate
December 12, 2017

New technology has always been greeted with mix of excitement, suspicion and fear. The ‘luddites’ of the early 19th century rebelled…

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Export knowledge
October 11, 2017

In a sense we have a duty to export our knowledge. After all, the UK’s unique mix of ageing and ultra-modern…

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A Global Opportunity
September 27, 2017

Railways have an extraordinary capability to transform geographical regions and even entire countries. The social, economic and political impact of a…

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Case Study: DepCo
September 20, 2017

TenBroeke’s experience of delivering depots at Ramsgate, Ashford, Bedford and Northam placed it in a good position to work on the…

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Collaboration for success
July 24, 2017

Major infrastructure projects seem to become more complex every year with new technologies, equipment and regulations, numerous stakeholders and suppliers and…

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