By: Mark Evans

Motivating private companies to innovate rail infrastructure projects
April 24, 2019

Making it worth-while coming up with new ideas and using private finance. Government has created guidance on MLPs – market-led proposals…

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A ‘good news’ and chumocracy culture is killing UK competitiveness
February 12, 2019

Only stronger governance on major infrastructure projects will inspire funders and support UK ambitions to be globally competitive. The London Olympics…

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Collaborative rail depot procurement creates positive outcomes
January 16, 2019

Free Insight guide on how to deliver a revenue generating rail depot asset – on time, and on budget. Whilst there are many opportunities to win business in the rail industry, especially around…

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Government spending on cyber-defence is dangerously low
November 27, 2018

The poignant Remembrance Day ceremonies brought yet more media coverage of the poor funding of our armed forces and the increasingly…

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Rail timetable chaos – brilliant example of the blame game
October 15, 2018

A worrying recent trait that is threatening to become a national characteristic is that no one in public life takes responsibility…

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