Patrick began his career in petroleum engineering with degrees in Chemical Engineering, Sheffield University and MBA Business, Henley College.

In 1999, Patrick joined Unocal Oil and worked in Vietnam, USA and the Netherlands. Staying within the Chevron ‘umbrella, he then became LNG Market Development Manager, Chevron Indonesia in 2005. This led to roles as Gas Strategy Manager, Chevon Global Gas (2006-2013) and Commercial Manager Chevron Turkey, 2013-2016.

Patrick has managed most phases of oil and gas projects, from petroleum exploration and development, process, pipeline and power development and operations. He is married with 4 adult children and yet still finds time to be an expert in

  • Commercial Strategy Development
  • Planning and Decision Analysis
  • LNG marketing and shipping
  • Market and regulatory analysis
  • Business Development
  • Contract negotiations
  • Government engagement