Finance, sustainability, technology, productivity, collaboration – the combination of these factors are producing enormous pressures and opportunities in the life-cycle of rail depots.

Customer service expectations have risen considerably in the last 20 years and yet the way we approach Depot design and management hasn’t changed greatly. We fail to utilise the lessons of the past when project over-runs and escalating costs delivered a finished product that did not support customer, employee and investor needs. Obvious examples are poor integration of new technology and collaboration practices to cut costs and better support the highly skilled labour needed to make these major projects successful.

Working smart

A financier, with extensive UK and international experience in the complexities of developing and managing depots as assets that deliver a strong long-term return on investment, Paul is Chairman of TenBroekeCo and brings a unique personal and corporate perspective to all aspects of depot management.

Paul’s speech will take an overview of factors that should be influencing a smarter approach to Depots with the aim of making them more self-sufficient and profitable assets. Looking at key learnings from other industries, using technology to cut costs and changing working practices to drive innovation, Paul will outline a vision that is both inspiring and achievable.