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The Government cares more about pensioner votes than growing the economy

Now there’s a statement. Not a simple one to answer. Some will say that we should always look after our pensioners...


Rail timetable chaos – brilliant example of the blame game

A worrying recent trait that is threatening to become a national characteristic is that no one in public life takes responsibility...


Is the Government serious about helping grow exports post-Brexit?

Amidst a big fanfare, trade secretary Liam Fox has announced measures to transform the UK into an ‘exporting superpower’ and lift...


Is the university business model right for young people?

As we approach the new academic year and with so much in the media about value for money, let’s take a...


Apprenticeships could gain a new lease of life in a post-Brexit world

The imminent arrival of a post-Brexit world is bringing into sharp relief the skills gaps in this country. According to figures...


​Railway Executives – over paid and under performing

In theory, salary is a reflection of value. A simplistic view it seems as the rail industry stumbles along paying its...