Making rail services safe from Covid-19 and getting the UK moving again.

Covid secure stations, depots, carriages and buildings

Protect employees, customers and your business using PP-L health technology solutions – UVC kills 35,000 viruses and bacterial infections, including SARS, MERS, MRSA, influenza and Covid-19

Today, we believe it is important for the rail industry to show customers that it is doing all it can to keep passenger’s safe from Covid-19 and restore trust in the rail services.

We have recently formed a strategic partnership with Pathogen Prevention Ltd (PP-L)– a Health Technology specialist in solutions that kill bacteria, micro-organisms, coronaviruses and deadly pathogens in the air, on surfaces and in liquids.

TenBroekeCo Ltd is the sole agent in the rail and transport industry for PP-L which utilises sterilisation technology designed and manufactured in Switzerland for over 80 years and proven to kill 99.99% of all pathogens. We provide advisory services to design a tailor-made solution for each client’s environment and oversee the supply, install and maintenance of the UV-C equipment. Critically, the PP-L system can be used to undertake deep cleaning and air filtration without reducing revenue earning services.


Protect today, future-proof tomorrow.

Proven to kill 99.99% of pathogens

  • Simple, chemical-free technology creates hygienically clean environments
  • Air disinfection with UV-C significantly eliminates the bacteria count
  • Covers the air supply, recirculated air in air ducts, air handling units in rolling stock, offices, control rooms, staff welfare facilities, canteens, stations, retail outlets, lifts, equipment rooms and other enclosed spaces
  • Sterilises surfaces in any environment including food retail outlets, escalator handrails and offices
  • Manufactured in Switzerland to high quality regulations and standards achieving CE accreditation, FDA approval for use in the USA using ISO 9001 and 14001 management processes
  • Registered on the UK Government’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) response key suppliers list maintained by the Crown Commercial Service
  • Currently deployed in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and food processing industries together with hospital operating theatres – all areas where the elimination of viruses and bacteria is critical
  • Safe from Covid-19 at an average cost of £1 per hour for a typical office

Train Carriages

In a crowded train, the transmission of microbes through breathing another person’s infected exhaled air or touching a potentially contaminated surface such as a seat or rail is likely. Undisturbed air could allow harmful microbes to linger for up to 3 hours.

With a PP-L solution:

  • Air can be sterilised within the HVAC vents
  • Surfaces can be cleaned through light treatment once a carriage is empty
  • Prevent the spread of infection and mitigate the risk of disease transmission
  • Passengers feel safe and at ease when travelling
train station

Underground and over-ground train stations

Stations can be a huge transmission risk, and whilst they tend to have better air recirculation systems than confined carriages, key areas of concern are queues around ticket offices and machines, lifts, waiting rooms, cafes and ATMs – all of which have surface areas and less air flow.

The PP-L UV-C solutions:

  • Clean any area used by passengers and staff
  • Can be fitted to continually clean the air whilst trains are in service by either being fitted in passenger occupied areas of the train or installed within the heating and ventilation system
  • If fitted into a HVAC system, it sterilises the air before it is circulated whilst also keeping key components within the circulation system free from microbes
  • Includes two different sizes of retrofit compacts – one to suit smaller rooms and the other equipped to service larger areas such as enclosed station platforms
  • Fixed UV-C surface disinfectant system so that rooms can be cleaned efficiently and quickly either between train services overnight or during periods of low public use during the day.

Train Depots

When trains come in for cleaning, repair or a planned service, they could bring dangerous microbes with them and so depots need to be made safe and secure from Covid-19.

To prevent workers developing respiratory problems:

  • Train surfaces should be sterilised inside and out
  • PP-L technology can also be deployed in communal areas such as canteens and toilets, even down to motion sensors and timers to ensure that workers are fully protected
  • Air should be continuously sterilised throughout the day via HVAC systems already in place
  • Our sterilisation technology enables workers to feel safe entering trains, depots, control centres, in fact, any areas without the worry of contracting disease.

Railway buildings and offices

The PP-L UV-C solutions can be used to clean any area used by passengers and staff.

  • Fitted to continually clean the air by either being fitted in passenger occupied areas of the train or installed within the heating and ventilation system
  • If fitted into a HVAC system, it sterilises the air before it is circulated whilst also keeping key components within the circulation system free from microbes
  • UVGI systems can also be used on the handrails of escalators, stairwells, in lifts, kitchens and toilets. Rooms to be cleaned efficiently and quickly either at night or at times of intermittent ‘zone’ closure during the day


Manufacturing facilities that build or service rolling stock, such as railroad cars, coaches and other rail vehicles, are prone to microbial hazards that could lead to respiratory problems for staff.

The air tends to be constantly filled with duct particles which carry potentially immuno-toxic microbes and chemicals. This air is then not sufficiently circulated, filtered or sterilised.

Again, air filters can be used to remove dust particles and other contaminants from the air, but these are expensive and cumbersome to maintain. Instead, PP-L’s UV-C / UVGI system operates in a cost-effective and efficient way to keep users of the facilities safe and free from potential diseases.

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