In this global rail market – 2017-19 forecast total market size: £128bn pa – it’s obvious that the rail industry should be capitalising upon the many opportunities it has to win new business.

1.   The rail industry needs Government to have a clearer understanding of just what it takes to win contracts in overseas markets – with potential for greater ‘centralised’ sourcing of contracts

2.   Stronger, more flexible and market realistic Government backed financing combined with a realistic view of risk

3.   Better collaboration across the rail supply chain and pro-active support of building cross-industry consortiums

4.   Link development aid to trading arrangements that can bring hope and help lift countries out of poverty

5. Greater development in human capital to enable larger numbers of qualified personnel to manage and implement capital / operational projects overseas. This would also allow more young people to develop a broader skill set and gain international experience. At the same time, this approach can provide consistent work streams through a mix of projects from different geographies and so help companies to retain expertise by levelling out peaks and troughs.